Staying Fit and Healthy

According to Ayden Hector, one of the biggest tragedies in life is how many people take their health for granted.  As a personal trainer, he completely understands why people would rather lay on their couches for hours, binge-watching the latest hit Netflix show, eating junk food, and drinking all the beer they have. 

However, the basics of a healthy lifestyle are quite simple to understand.  There are two components to it – active movement and proper nutrition.  Under active movement, there is regular exercise, everyday walks, doing chores around the house, and simply just moving about.  Active movement is a lot easier to achieve than proper nutrition, which takes discipline.  Knowing what, how, and when to eat requires a lot of effort.  And unfortunately, proper nutrition is the more important of the two components.

That said, Ayden Hector mentions that embracing a healthy lifestyle is extremely doable if people can only see their potential future selves.  As such, a certain mindset is needed to reach fitness goals, plus valuable information.

About information and knowledge, Ayden Hector has set up this site to share what he knows about health and fitness to everyone willing to take a few minutes to read his blogs.  While he touches mostly on the finer points of health and fitness, he also tackles other interesting topics for health and fitness enthusiasts of all levels.  Of course, most of the blogs are meant to guide readers on their health and fitness journey so they may hit their targets and achieve sustainable results.

Blogs on this site will cover two general categories, which Ayden Hector has based on the two components of a healthy lifestyle – exercise and proper nutrition.

For his exercise blogs, Ayden Hector will be exploring topics that range from general rules to specific regimens.  Topics include the health benefits of working out, the basics of training routines, the best workout plans for people based on factors such as body type, age, sports, and more, different types of training routines and the equipment and gear needed, safety measures during training, gym etiquette, setting up a home gym, and more.

Blogs on nutrition will have two formats – food lists and recipes.  Food lists will feature the healthiest food available in the market and their nutritional content.  As for the recipes, Ayden Hector will be sharing his favorite meals that are both healthy and easy to prepare.