Great Sports to Take on as Hobbies Once the Lock-down is Over

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Great Sports to Take on as Hobbies Once the Lock-down is Over

Ayden Hector has been busy nowadays, even with the lock-down keeping him from most of his personal training sessions with his clients in Southern California. In the past few months, Ayden has started blogging and sharing his knowledge of the health and fitness industry that he has accumulated over the years.

For today’s blog, Ayden lists down four sports that people may want to take on once the lock-down is over, and it’s once again safe to go outside.

1. Boxing

Ayden Hector is a big fan of martial arts, and he mentions boxing as the premier martial art to take on if people are looking into getting into shape. While many people mistakenly believe that boxing is all about punching a bag, the truth is, there is so much more to the sport than just that. Boxing also involves complicated footwork, a lot of cardio, and intense core workout. Plus, it’s one of the most effective stress-relieving activities known to man.

2. Swimming

As far as full-body workouts are concerned, no other sport will come close to swimming in terms of health and overall fitness benefits. Swimming boosts lung capacity and heart strength, tones almost every major muscle group, and burns many calories.  It is also low-impact, so people need not worry about joint pain. The only drawback, though, according to Ayden Hector, is that not everyone has access to a swimming pool.

3. Running

Arguably the most basic of sports in terms of movement, running is also quite beneficial. It’s also something that can be done at home during this lock-down period. Running has all the benefits of other exercises and can literally take a person places. It can also be modified quite easily, as people can either speed up or slow down to a walk when they feel like it.

4. Golf

Speaking of walking, golf requires a lot of it. Ayden Hector also notes that even if golf doesn’t seem as intense as other sports and even if it doesn’t raise one’s heart rate as much as say swimming or boxing, it does promote excellent blood and oxygen circulation, especially when walking outdoors. Golf also requires practitioners to keep perfect posture at all times, which bodes extremely well for the muscles and bones.

Ayden Hector is a personal fitness trainer from Southern California.  He shares his knowledge and passion for fitness and health to people from all walks of life. For more articles on fitness and health, check out this site.