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Locked Down on Fitness: Workout Routines People Can Do at Home

If there’s one thing Ayden Hector believes in today’s pandemic-stricken world, it’s that closed gyms are not an excuse to stop working out. Sure, people can see memes all over social media about how they have all gained weight after the lock-down is over.  But according to Ayden Hector, now is more than the right time to complete those exercise routines and start making headway toward those fitness goals. 

The fact that people are at home means that they don’t need to travel to and from their place of work. That extra time can be used to train.  On that note, Ayden Hector shares four routines people can do during the lock-down.

Body Weight Training: This is for people who say they can’t work out because they have no equipment at home. They can begin with body weight training, which is the most practical type of routine one can do inside their home. There are dozens of body weight exercises that people can do, with countless variations for each routine.  The absence of the equipment will not be an issue at all.

HIIT:  HIIT or high-intensity interval training is considered to be more of a new-age approach to working out, even if it has been practiced in several institutions, most notably the military, for years.  As its name suggests, HIIT involves intense compound movements for a specific period with a few seconds rest in between sets.  It can be done with or without equipment. Also, like body weight training, HIIT exercises be modified to adjust the difficulty levels. Ayden Hector suggests starting slow, especially for first-timers.

Weightlifting: The classic workout and a favorite of fitness enthusiasts since the dawn of modern fitness, weightlifting has become a staple for gym-goers everywhere. However, for people at home, weightlifting routines can only be accomplished if they have the equipment. While they can use other objects of weight, tracking down the weight and achieving progressive overload, which is essential to weightlifting, may be difficult.

Yoga: While Ayden Hector mentions that yoga isn’t for everybody, he has always incorporated elements of it in the routines he designs for his clients. First off, yoga does wonders for posture and flexibility as people hold positions for a period. Next, yoga promotes the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, even if it isn’t a cardio routine. Finally, it’s a great stress reliever, as it involves mindfulness and inner peace.