Setting Up a Home Gym According to One’s Preferences

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Setting Up a Home Gym According to One’s Preferences

Personal trainer Ayden Hector explains that if there’s something the COVID-19 lockdown has taught fitness enthusiasts, it’s that setting up a workout area at home is a wise investment. In fact, he urges people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle to seriously consider setting up their home gym once the lockout is lifted in their areas.

Truth be told, having a home gym is beneficial for many reasons. It’s cheaper in the long run since people won’t have to pay for a gym membership. It’s evident that during a crisis, home gyms are invaluable.  And people won’t need to travel to their gyms every single time. 

However, Ayden Hector mentions that setting up a home gym needs a bit of planning, especially for people with specific training interests.  For example, a person who primarily does yoga won’t have the need for racks of barbells and dumbbells. 

Below is a short guide to a few types of home gyms based on a person’s workout preferences.

The Weightlifting/Bodybuilding Gym

Probably the most expensive home gym to set up, the most basic equipment that this type of gym requires are sets of dumbbells, a bar (preferably Olympic), weights for the bar, and a bench. People can add a power station, which includes a squat rack and a pull-up bar. 

The CrossFit Home Box

CrossFit memberships can be costly, according to Ayden Hector. Replicating a CrossFit Box at home is much more affordable. For starters, people will need dumbbells, a bar and weights, a pull-up bar, Olympic rings, and jump boxes. It’s also important to have rubber mats.

The Fighter’s Gym

One of the most fun home gyms to set up is a fighter’s gym.  And it’s pretty simple too.  All one needs is the space to set up a heavy bag and a sturdy pole or bar on which to hang it.  A strong chain is also required to keep the bag up.  People can also add other bags on walls, a few dumbbells for weight training, and rubber mats on the floor. 

The Yoga Area

The simplest of home gyms is the yoga area, according to Ayden Hector. Solid flooring and a yoga mat are the most basic items needed.  However, to improve the ambiance, people need to set up an area that’s both quiet and serene, with a lot of natural lighting.

Ayden Hector is a personal fitness trainer from Southern California. He shares his knowledge and passion for fitness and health to people from all walks of life. Learn more about fitness and health here.