The Best Type of Workouts Matched with the Most Common Goals

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The Best Type of Workouts Matched with the Most Common Goals

Fitness enthusiasts, especially ones new to fitness, have often heard the saying don’t train hard, train smart or other variations of it. While this may sound like sage advice from a hermit living atop a secluded mountain somewhere beyond the Himalayas, fitness trainer Ayden Hector explains that the basics of the message are quite easy to understand. One of the elements of training smart is knowing one’s goal and matching it with the best routine possible. 

Today’s blog will list three of the most common goals fitness enthusiasts aspire to reach, and Ayden Hector will come up with a few workout recommendations for each goal.

Goal #1: Weight/fat loss

By far, the most common fitness goal of Americans is weight loss. Approximately 8 out of 10 Americans who enroll in a gym or a similar fitness facility have mentioned weight loss as their primary goal.

While losing weight hinges heavily on how a person can follow a strict diet, high cardio workout routines can speed up the process further.  Anaerobic exercises, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and full-body, high-energy workouts can rid the body of fat and weight.

Goal #2: Weight/mass gain

Ayden Hector mentions that there are many underweight fitness enthusiasts whose goals are to gain both mass and weight. This is a bit tricky for several reasons, but it can be done.

Again, like in weight loss, a specific diet that increases caloric and protein intake is required. There are also supplements such as protein powders and mass gainers to help people. As for the workouts, it is advised that underweight people do weightlifting and more isolation exercises. While they can also do compound movements, they should be doing lower reps with heavier weights.

Goal #3: Muscles, muscles, muscles

One of the more common goals of people who’ve been members in the local gym for over a certain period is to develop muscles or an overall toned body. 

The nutrition component needed in developing musculature and improving aesthetics is protein, as it feeds the muscles, allowing them to grow. Isolation exercises are essential as they target specific muscles for growth.  Compound movements are also good. The key, Ayden Hector notes, is progressive overload, which means people have to add more weight each time to ensure the increase in muscle mass.

Ayden Hector is a personal fitness trainer from Southern California who shares his knowledge and passion for fitness and health to clients and people everywhere.  For more articles on fitness and health, visit this page.


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